by Emily Martell, 8th January 2017

I had high hopes for posting quarterly but I’ve been a little busy. Our beautiful daughter, Olivia, was born in January 2016.

With such a life changing event as the birth of a child and becoming a parent, you naturally start to revaluate the things and people that you hold most dear to you. Look at what’s important and what isn’t. For me, my daughter and my family comes unquestionably first, second and third. Every day is filled with thoughts about providing a secure and loving environment, the best possible upbringing for our daughter. Whilst Charlie has delayed his attempted crossing, he still hopes to attempt it in 2018. Olivia will be just 2 years old!

Far from reaching a natural conclusion, Charlie’s enthusiasm for the Pacific has only intensified over the past months. It’s an ‘itch’ that won’t go away and he wants to make his daughter proud.

Having lost a parent suddenly, I remember my father not for what he achieved or didn’t in life, but for his greatest gift to me of all…… his time and presence. Was he there to read me a story and kiss me goodnight? Truthfully, not often, but whenever he possibly could, he would. He wouldn’t have let anything, let alone an ocean itch stand in the way of our time together and missed any of the precious moments of watching his daughter grow. Those special memories I have with him are always carried in my heart.

Whilst there’s the obvious huge financial and physical risks associated with this adventure, I fear that the emotional cost to our family will be even greater. If damaged, a boat can be repaired or replaced. Can the same be said of the three of us?

So you see as the weeks go by and Olivia continues to grow and I watch in awe as she and her peers reach their wondrous and incredible milestones, the third person in our marriage continues to be a looming stormy nightmare that could rock and damage our unit irrevocably. Is this adventure just too great an ocean to cross for all of us?