by Charlie Martell, 25th March 2014

On behalf of Flying For Freedom’s inaugural exped the British Antarctic Microlight Expedition, I’m still pushing on with raising funds for two 4×4 vehicles, capable of withstanding Antarctic conditions. Some funds have been raised for the two vehicles, but still short of our target and so still a long way from securing them. We have our eyes on either Land Rover or Toyota and fans from both camps would no doubt argue their cases on which marque is better and why. Irrespective of marque, the vehicles must be adapted for the extreme conditions they will be working in.

Irrespective of which marque you prefer, can you help us? Can your family help us? Can your friends and colleagues help us? We still have lots to do and really need your support. Our injured service personnel have overcome their life changing injuries and have qualified as pilots, it’s now up to us to get our pilots, aircraft and vehicles to the Antarctica. We need your help to purchase the vehicles. Please donate here – it is a cliché but it is true, “every penny counts”. Thanks for supporting us.