by Charlie Martell, 5th February 2016

Several years ago, I had the pleasure to meet with a man, a good man, whom I found to be quiet, knowledgeable and selfless. We discussed the rather odd topic of ocean rowing, in particular the Pacific Ocean. That man was Kenneth Crutchlow. Without Kenneth Crutchlow there probably would be no Ocean Rowing Society. We only met the once, but Kenneth left me with a positive influence and certainly didn’t discourage me from attempting to row the Pacific. Today, (4th February 2016) Kenneth will be laid to rest. Rest In Peace, the man who could be described as the Godfather of Ocean Rowing.

Kenneth Crutchlow – The man who could be regarded as the Godfather of Ocean Rowing. (pic courtesy of Ocean Rowing Society)

Kenneth Crutchlow introducing ‘Team Hesco powered by Commando Joe’ prior to receiving their Guinness World Records

(Craig Glenday (Editor in Chief Guinness World Records, Charlie Martell, Mark Waterson, Kenneth (Ocean Rowing Society), Pete Rowlands, Ben Fouracre)

The Balance of News, the obvious bad news above but there is some good Ocean Rowing news…

After 209 days at sea all alone, John Beeden has successfully rowed from San Francisco, USA to Queensland, Australia!

You can read more on John’s voyage by going to the BBC article:

Well done John – an enormous achievement!

John Beeden

John wasn’t the only one out rowing across the Pacific Ocean, on a similar route. Six courageous women, three of whom rowed the entire route, the other three rowed a leg each, have earned themselves two Guinness World Records and a huge amount of media attention – and quite rightly so. The Coxless Crew is made up of Laura Penhaul, Emma Mitchell, Natalia Cohen, Isabel Burnham (1st Leg), Lizanne Van Vuuren (2nd Leg) and Meg Dyos (3rd Leg). The voyage took a little bit longer than first anticipated, but is still an epic achievement. For more info

Let’s not forget, there have also been a number of other people rowing… The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge #TWAC2015  saw 26 boats leave La Gomera for Antigua. Crews were either solo, pairs or fours and were rowing either Pure Class or Concept Class boats. I spoke with two of the crews as they prepared for their respective challenge and both crews have done very well (nothing to do with me I can assure you!). The crews are:

Olly Clark and Dan Parsons of ‘Atlantic Challenge 2015’ (, who won the Pure Pairs Class

pic credit Ben Duffy

James, Liam, Stuart and James of ‘All Beans No Monkeys’ (

pic credit Atlantic Campaigns

Well done to all you Ocean Rowers! Fantastic human achievements! Watch this space for more news of my return to the Pacific Ocean!