by Charlie Martell, 9th January 2015

Happy New Year to you! As the second week of the new year begins, Give Them a Sporting Chance begins to celebrate its 25th year of helping others and plans are well underway for two challenges. The first will be taking place in February, the second will take place in June.

The first challenge will be taking place near Blackpool on February 21st. This challenge is to carry a sedan chair from Lytham St Annes, following the coast up to Blackpool. Unfortunately for us sedan chair carriers, the chair won’t be empty… Inside the chair, motivating us, will be Melissa Adams. Melissa is the little girl I have previously written about who suffers from Angelman Syndrome. To help with this challenge, I have called upon some of my crew mates from the London to Paris rowing team (2013). Hopefully, Ed will keep our minds off the challenge with his wit and banter, much as he did during the 2013 row. We will be raising funds for and awareness of Angelman Syndrome, so if you’re in the area or know someone in the come and along and support us! Please visit for more information on Melissa Adams and Angelman Syndrome.


The second challenge will be taking place in Cheltenham on June 21st. As part of ‘Give Them a Sporting Chance’s’ 25th birthday, we at GTaSC have teamed up with the organisers of the Cheltenham Challenge.

GTaSC is raising a minimum of five teams of five people to compete in the 10km course of the Cheltenham Challenge. Each person will run 10km, then when the fifth person has completed the 10km course, the whole team completes the 5km course, starting and finishing as a team. These 25 people will be representing 25 individual military orientated charities. If you would like to be one of the 25, please do get in touch with me. If you would rather run a shorter (5km) or longer (half marathon, marathon or ultra), then please do contact the Cheltenham Challenge direct –

So far, the ‘On Course Foundation‘ and ‘The Not Forgotten Association‘ have all agreed to be represented in the 10km Silver Challenge.